ccs0me0ne |s |3o|2ncc Bad Timing: I sure do! Out of 50% dates with my friends, I am one of those late-comers. (Not very proud of it anyway)

Bad Languages: I do IRC since Jan 1998. Since I am safely behind a monitor, where noone knows exactly who I am, I sometimes have the tendecy to use some really *bad languages.

Bad Habbits: S~L~O~W~ I~S~ M~Y~ W~O~R~S~T~ E~N~E~M~Y~.

Bad Influences: Actually I don't have any, but I changed a lot after I started working in my first job. I become a bit *wild. Reaching home around 12++am, I went out to dine and wine quite often during that period. But that was the Most enjoyable part of my life, I don't think anything or anybody else can give me such a fun time anymore, maybe except my *hubby. *_~

Bad Character: Fickle-minded! I am not saying that I fall in and out of love very fast (instead I am so stuck I dunno what to do), but is that I change my mind on favourite things fast. Something that I won't change for the world is my crave for chocolates and my love.

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