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Astrology studies the movements and positions of the planets and stars to determine their influenece on human lives. The Zodiac is the apparent path of the Sun through the heavens, and for purposes of astrology contains 12 constellations. (Here are my Zodiac details):

Sun Sign: VIRGO: The Virgin

Gemstones: Sapphire, jasper

Herbs: Fennel, valerian

Health Concerns: Digestion, allergies

Key Words: "I study"

Ruled By: Mercury

Positive Traits: Discriminating, modest, tidy

Negative Traits: Hypercritical, fussy, worrier

My Astrological Personality

The Virgo character is considered one of the more pragmatic signs in the Zodiac, and is often associated with a drive for perfection. Certainly, a Virgo can enjoy a good time as much as anyone else. But these people usually feel more comfortable when they can balance the merely recreational with that which is also practical. The less dedicated souls around them may sometimes urge them to "lighten up", but in the long run most folks appreciate their knack for getting things done without making a big fuss about it.

Friendship/Romance Compartible Chart:

Aries **                    Taurus *****                    Gemini ****                 

Cancer ****** Leo ******* Virgo *****

Libra ****** Scorpio ***** Sagittarius *****

Capricorn ******** Aquarius ***** Pisces ***


According to numerologists, numbers have special meanings, and the mathematical relationships of letters and numbers can be analyzed in order to understand the significance of names. Each letter of the alphabet is numbered. Your name is then reduced to a number between one and nine. Each number is believed to represent important influences and traits.

      MY NUMBER: 8

The strengths of the Eight are in its courage, leadership qualities, and powers of concentration. Its weaknesses are obsessiveness, impatience and unkindness. Eights are often drawn to the fields of business and finance, or careers that use their skills as planners and managers. They may have trouble cooperating with others, but can overcome this through a sense of justice and their natural ability to be tactful. People may look to Eights for leadership, and this is a role for which they are well suited. The Eights tends to reach emotional maturity early in life.

Numerologists also reduce the day of birth to a number between one and nine, which has special significance in your life. The name and birth numbers must be analyzed together to provide a complete personality profile.

      MY NUMBER: 7

People often see Sevens as loners. Solitude can help them probe their own spiritual depths and develop inner strength, but they must guard against becoming socially isolated. They often find great comfort and wisdom in religious faith or philosophical study, and their confident knowledge can benefit both themselves and others. Some Sevens fall into the trap of letting the search for perfection make them judgmental and intorlerant. They must learn to be patient with both their own and other's failings, and remember that life is a constant process of growth.

My Passion Sign in Libra

Mars in Libra bestows upon you an ability to express any anger or aggressive tendencies with tact, charm, and diplomacy. You probably do not enjoy conflict and may even go out of your way to avoid it. Your flexibility and balanced outlook make you an easy going, cooperative partner. You desire connections with others, and much energy is directed towards relationships and friendships. You are gracious and entertaining, and attract many, due to your curiosity and willingness to try anything new. You are sensual and affectionate with those you feel close to, and are gratified by lots of physical contact. You are extremely romantic. Setting may be very important to you, you may feel better in a room full of flutes and flowers. You offer a peaceful loving nature to your relationships and will be happiest with those who are demonstrative and expressive with words.

My Love Sign in Virgo

Having your Venus in Virgo can be a bit of a sticky wicket: you're bound to be looking for the perfect relationship, but does such a thing even exist? Probably not, but these folks will delight in giving it a try! Those with this placement are methodical and evaluative in the game of love, adding and subtracting with each step to see if the sum total is a winner. Relating to others is important here, as is grasping the meaning of life. Is the latter possible? If anyone will get it, these folks will! A strong sense of what they want and need will keep those with this placement continually questing, at times resulting in a critical streak which is generally aimed at the self. While generally self-possessed, those with Virgo in the House of Love are not likely to be the ones initiating the romance dance. A bit of reserve dictates that their prospective mate will have to come a-courting, and with any kind of luck, they'll come loaded with sincere compliments. Boy, will that get results! The sweetest result will be a loyal and dedicated partner, as those with their Venus in Virgo are truest in an understanding relationship which shows promise of growth.

My Lucky Sign in Gemini

You can find luck through your intellect. Quick to learn, with an even quicker tongue, you are able to absorb knowledge and present it clearly. Position yourself where you can teach others, communicate all of your ideas and be exposed to new ones. Easily bored and with a short attention span, you need a stimulating environment to keep you out of trouble. To make more luck come your way, learn to value the emotional and physical needs of yourself and others.